Flat-bottom bags

Flat-bottom bags have a square-sealed bottom and offer optimised stability. In combination with the side gusset, the flat-bottom bags also offer a higher filling volume. They are an economical, ecological and highly attractive alternative to composite cartons, blisters, jars and cans.

Food, pet food, confectionery and hygiene products are just some of the possible applications for this advanced packaging.
Some of the advantages of these stand-up pouches are

  • lower procurement costs
  • ess transport weight and space
  • less storage space for the packaging
  • more diverse presentation forms ⇒ standing / lying / hanging

Our stand-up pouches are suitable

  • for high demands on barrier and
  • sealing properties.
  • for high demands on weld seam strength
  • for packaging solid, powdery and pasty products.

Our stand-up pouches are available

  • according to your specifications regarding dimensions as well as materials
  • made of various composite films - PE or PP in combination with PET / PA / ALU / kraft paper / EVOH
  • with / without valve
  • with / without pressure seal
  • with / without tear notch
  • with / without Euro hole / round hole or grip hole punching
  • unprinted or printed up to 10 colours in flexo or gravure printing.

Our stand-up pouches with more sustainability
In order to achieve 100% recyclability, the stand-up pouches can also be produced from multi-layer laminates from the PE family. With an additional EVOH coating, higher barrier properties can also be achieved if required.