Foils and bags for bread and bakery products

Our foil packaging for bread and bakery products is available as bags for filling by hand or machine and also as flat foils for your automated packaging lines – the perfect protection for uncut / cut bread, toast, cake, cookies, bread to heat up as well as croissants.

Available foils are

  • PP (OPP plain, OPP Coex, CPP = PPCast, Freeze-CPP)
  • LDPE, Green-PE
  • laminations according to your requirements – also PP/PE with PET / PA / EVOH to meet requirements regarding barrier for freshness.
  • PE/PE laminations with barrier, 100% recyclable(!)

The raw materials are special type for the use regarding bread and bakery products.

The flat foils are made suitable individually for your machines to ensure a proper packaging process without any disturbances / interruptions.

Our foils are certified as food safe are steadily checked reagarding possibilities to sterilisation, stability as well as stability of the seams.

  • bag sizes, foil widths, rapports and materials acc. to your specifications
  • unprinted or printed up to 10 colours in good flexo- or gravure printing quality

Following bag types are available:

  • as flat bag
  • with bottom fold (also angled bottom fold) or side fold
  • with/without micro perforation holes on the complete bag or parts thereof
  • as wicket bag for automatic packaging lines on wickets (also Hartman wickets)
  • as loose or blocked bags for manual filling
  • optionally with flap (except side fold bags)
  • with/without Thuerlingshole

Production of the bags and flat foils according to your specifications regarding sizes an materials.

All bags are available in unprinted or printed execution up to 10 colours by flexo or gravure printing process.