Doypacks / Pouches

Doypacks / Pouches are an economical, environmetal-friendly and a presentative packaging alternative against carton-compounds, blisters, glass packaging and tins. Food, pet food, sweets and hygiene articles are only few of the areas where such packaging is used.

Some advantages of Doypacks are

  • low purchase costs
  • less transport weight and space
  • less stock space for the packaging
  • many possibilibities for presentation ⇒ standing / lying / hanging
  • easy recycling since only consisting out of plastics

Our Doypacks are suitable

  • when needing high barrier and leak-proof properties
  • when needing high strenth of the seams
  • for the packaging of solids, powders and pastes

Our Doypacks are available

  • against your specifications regarding sizes and laminates
  • out of laminates in different combinations – PE and PP in combination with PET / PA / ALU / craft paper / EVOH
  • with / without valve
  • with / without zipper
  • with / without tearing notch
  • with/without Eurohole / round hole or carrying punch-out
  • unprinted or printed up to 10 colours by flexo or gravure printing

Our Doypacks with more sustainability

In order to achieve 100% recyclability, the Doypacks can also be produced from multilayer composites from the PE family. With an additional EVOH coating, barrier properties can also be achieved if required.