Kraft paper bags for packaging

As an alternative as well as a supplement to our poly bags, we supply flat and bottom gusset bags made of kraft paper, with and without flap. We also supply conical bags made of kraft paper for packaging plants and potted herbs.

About the material:

We supply kraft paper in natron brown as well as white, in various grammages, min. 40 gr./m2. The content of recycled fibres can be adjusted between 0 and 100%. The raw material is FSC certified, recyclable and biodegradable.

Finishes and processing:

The bags have approx. 10 mm wide seal glues optionally on 2 or 3 sides. The bags can be provided with a flap and an adhesive closure.
In addition to versions made entirely of paper, we also supply the bags in 1-sided highly transparent by the means of OPP film. After use, paper and film can be easily separated and disposed of.

We deliver

  • according to your specifications (dimensions, paper weight, recycled content)
  • FSC certified raw material
  • without / with flap and adhesive closure
  • without / with air hole punching
  • optionally with high quality flexo printing up to 10 colours