Flat foil / Flat strip for automated packaging

Our flat foil is used for automatic packaging processes. It is suitable for standard use or special packaging solutions.

We deliver the flat foil adjusted to your existing machinery in order to safeguard fast and secure packaging without any disturbances. Our foils are offering longterm protection of your products, especially because of high welding stability.

ENOL flat foils can be delivered with or without printing in different materials, like PP (OPP, OPP Coex, CPP =PPCast), PE (LDPE, LDPE regranulate, PE Coex,HDPE, MDPE), metallised (ALU), pearlised OPP and PET in every width and foil thickness.

For each product to be packed you can receive the suitable packaging foil – also PE/PP laminated with PET/PA/ALU/EVOH in order to provide longer freshness of the packed product or to provide more stability of the foil for industrial processing

  • width, material thickness, rapports according to your requirements
  • for industrial processing
  • food genuine
  • material PP (OPP plain, OPP Coex, metallised OPP, CPP), PE, PET
  • laminated if required PE/PP with PET/PA/ALU/EVOH
  • also with micro or macro perforations
  • without printing or printed up to 10 colours by flexo or gravure printing
  • optionally printing with sleeve clichés (no print-free interruptions)