Zipper Bags, reclosable

The reclosable zipper bag (also pressure closing bag or quick closing bag) is a practical packaging possibility for opening and closing again and again. The zipper bag is re-usable and offers a reliable protection against dust and humidity..

You can receive the zipper bag suiting for your purposes – in very small size (e.g. for the packaging of buttons) up to carrying bag size.

Different materials are available

  • CPP (PPCast)
  • Laminations together with PET, PA, Aluminium
  • food quality
  • in desired materials, sizes and foil thicknesses
  • with or without perforation holes
  • with our without white labelling field
  • up to 10 colours in flexo or gravure printing
  • also as Headerbag (new) with separated header, filling from above (see Standbag - Headerbag)
  • also as Seal-Edge-Bag (see Seal-Edge-Bag)
  • also as Doypack / Pouches (see Doypack / Pouches)