Firmly closed and opened in hand rotation!

Our twist-off lids are reliable and tight screw tops for preserved glasses.

Against lids with thread our twist-off lids have an especially strong closure – made by spring tensioned cams. The sealing at the inside of the lid makes it very tight and hereby ensures for a long shelf life of your pasteurized/sterilized products. One small turn is enough to open the glas and to close it again.

The twist-off lids are made out of metal. They can be individually printed in highest quality according to your requests.

Our twist-off lids are available in following executions:

Standard twist-off lids

(for vacuum machines or home devices)

  Lid height Mouth Step Button
RTO flat normal no no
RTS flat normal yes no
RUP medium normal no no

Deep and extra deep twist-off lids

(for an easier opening and more advertising space)

  Lid height Mouth Step Button
DWO deep wide no no
DTP deep normal no no
TNV extra deep normal no no

Security twist-off lids

(with a button, which marks tight closure by acoustic and visual sign)

  Lid height Mouth Step Button
RTB flat normal no yes
RSB flat normal yes yes
DWB deep width no yes
TNB extra deep normal no yes
RUB medium normal no yes
DTB deep normal no yes
Nominal size Ø mm H mm DTP / DTB RUP / RUB RTO / RTB RTS / RSB DWO/ DWB TNV / TNB
38 42,00 14,90
38 42,00 9,65
43 44,80 8,65
48 49,80 8,75
53 56,25 9,55
58 60,25 9,55
63 66,45 9,55
63 66,45 14,60
66 69,30 9,55
70 73,35 9,60
76 78,04 19,30
82 85,20 10,55
89 92,75 11,50
100 103,45 13,40

Fields of application of the twist-off lids:

  • for pasteurization
  • for sterilization

Certifications of the twist-off lids:

  • ISO 9001:2008 quality management
  • ISO 22000:2005 food security management